Measuring Impact of the World's Most Important Messages

The Gold Standard for Creative Pre-Testing

Campaigns that matter use Swayable to learn what really works. They get deep insights in under 24 hours with no media spend required. It's real science, finally applied to public opinion and consumer insights.


Results available in under 24 hours from thousands of respondents, with real-time analysis via online dashboard.

Real Science

Get proof of impact, not just feedback. Swayable impact tests are standard-setting randomized controlled trial (RCT) survey experiments.

ROI Multiplier

Unlock 2X-10X increases in campaign ROI by applying insights across all stages of messaging, creative development and media planning.

World’s Most Powerful Impact Testing Technology

Built by scientists, Swayable enables deep insights into the impact of content before a campaign is launched. It tells you what stories drive demand, impact consumer behavior, generate emotion and change opinion.

Increasing Brand Lift

Brands use Swayable to replace traditional brand lift studies. Instead of taking over a month and requiring expensive media buys, Swayable delivers pre-test results under 24 hours. With insights from thousands of respondents, users get much greater accuracy, speed and cost efficiency.

Measuring What Matters

Agencies and brands use Swayable to identify the right concepts and segments based on metrics that correspond to the actual goals of a campaign — not just views, clicks and likes. Swayable proves what actually drives business and campaign outcomes.

Deeper Insights

Swayable's insights dashboard gives you the tools you need not just to measure, but to understand. Emotional analysis, frame-by-frame engagement tracking, object recognition, longform qualitiative feedback, A.I. analysis and more — letting you go deep into the reasons behind the impact.


Test Any Content

Digital Video

TV Ads

Social Posts

Static Digital



Copy and Messaging

Concept Mockups

Brand Positioning

Audience Segmentation


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